Creative Lab


We have a strong interdisciplinary background in Computer Science and Product Design from Aarhus University and Aarhus School of Architecture (Now Design Research at Aarhus School of Engineering). We have worked, during studies, on projects for internationally known companies, such as LEGO and Volkswagen AG. We design and develop products and services with and for the end-user in mind, based on current trends within research and cutting-edge technology. Alongside our consultancy work, we strive to improve our competences through self-managed research projects within fields such as conductive 3D printing, human-robot interaction and collaboration.

Simon Hansen
Junior Electrical Engineer

I am an electrical engineer, who enjoys working with new technologies. I love finding solutions to challenging problems. The thrill of innovative technological advances encourages and motivates my everyday work.

Zuzanna Czepukojc
Junior Electrical Engineer

I am an electronics technician, passionate about working on great ideas and bringing them into the physical world. I enjoy the challenging process of building products – from the early stage prototypes to high quality solutions.

Anders Høedholt
Designer, Cand. Scient. ICT Product Development

I am passionate about pure and functional design. To me, the biggest aesthetic beauty lies in the function of objects and their corresponding forms; both at bigger scales, such as the workings of city infrastructure, as well as small-scale products like wearables and smart-devices. I enjoy working with new, groundbreaking tools and technologies to create novel and unique products, seamlessly bridging simplistic design with advanced technology.

Published in ACM. Thesis project: Printing Functionality: Empowering Designers to Create Interactive Prototypes With 3D Printing

Christian Østergaard Laursen
Technologist, Cand. Scient ICT Product Development

I love to create. I can summarise my passion, experience and skills as simple as that. I work at the intersection of humans and technology – building simple and pleasing bridges in between the two.

Published in IEEE, ACM, Springer on Cultural Robotics and Taylor Francis book chapter on Shape-Changing Interfaces