Using cutting-edge prototyping technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC and robotics, we make product design accessible. We specialize in internet of things, or simply put: designing internet-enabled devices, seamlessly connecting them to services, users’ smart devices, or other products, making them an integral part of the environment.

As a design-driven company, we work by engaging with the user in a co-design process, immersing ourselves in the daily life and peculiarities of the user’s context. We build prototypes early in the process, both to engage in the physicality of the product, but also as a means to communicate ideas to the users and our collaborators. From concept visualization to physical product, we cover the entire product development process, whether the end-goal is a single prototype or something with production in mind. We believe that design and technology are inseparable from one another, so we put a lot of consideration into both form-giving, the technical aspects as well as the human interaction.

Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things?
Internet of Things (IoT) is the internetworking of physical devices such as products, vehicles, or even buildings, each being part of a larger network of things that can communicate and benefit from each other. It’s the next revolution within product design, making our environment smarter and more adaptable.
Which areas can MONTEM help with?
We design for different product categories within the field of Internet of Things, with scales ranging from wearables, devices for the connected home, or infrastructure for the smart city. Imagine a network of sensors spread around a city, continuously measuring factors such as air quality and noise levels, giving a live glimpse of the well-being of the city. Or a home that automatically configures itself when you leave and come back. For such scenarios to function, an array of devices each being able to communicate with one another is needed. MONTEM design and develop such devices and connect them to new or existing infrastructure, gradually making environments more smart and connected. We develop the technical aspects and design the physical aspects, as well as the interaction design. For products that are going beyond the prototyping stage, we work with manufacturers for the raw shape as well as EMS-partners for the printed circuit boards and assembly. So whether your IoT need is a few prototypes or a mass-market product, we can find a solution.
Which technologies do we work with?
At MONTEM we work with a wide range of technologies to enable Internet of Things-driven products. Various technologies fit different product categories; for products that require higher bandwidth and over-the-air updates, we primarily work with WiFi or 3G/4G. For devices that don’t need to transmit a large amount of data, but where other factors are important, such as power consumption and coverage, we embrace emerging technologies such as the SIGFOX and LoRaWAN wireless networks that allow for very efficient internet connected sensing devices that can last months, potentially years, on a single battery, or even run from solar panels or other energy harvesting methods. These can be scaled to mesh sensor networks or work with a gateway for later data processing.


Inspiration & Identification

Through a participatory design process and by using ethnographic methods, we engage in a conversation with the end-users to uncover their concerns and constraints.

Conceptualization & Exploration

As a result of co-ideation sessions, we examine, visualize and define concepts based on uncovered findings with the users.

Prototyping & Communication

The concepts become tangible artifacts that can be communicated both to our collaborators and to the end-users.

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